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September 1, 2021


Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with a disproportionately small population. To put this into perspective, the USA boasts a population 9 times larger than Canada’s with a smaller landmass than Canada has. Canada’s vast uninhabited landscapes, therefore, leaves plenty of freedom to roam. So what can one do during a Canadian spring?

Although it may seem slightly unconventional, an absolute must during the spring is skiing!  Skiing during this unlikely season is particularly enjoyable in part due to the longer daylight hours that allow for more time to explore the slopes. The overall warmer weather also means you are able to rid yourself of some of the bothersome layers associated with peak season and have more mobility to expand your skill-set. In the spring, the slopes are also significantly quieter making for a pleasant and peaceful experience. These wonderful perks can be enjoyed in most ski resorts all the way into April and even May.

If you know anything about Canada, then you know it is the motherland of ooey-gooey maple syrup and pancakes. So you have not experienced Canada at its truest until you have been exposed to all that maple syrup season brings. There are multiple maple farms scattered across Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Celebrate maple season by immersing yourself in the festivities that these farms offer with mouth-watering maple-themed breakfasts and more. One unique maple tradition worth encountering is ‘Licherie’ which involves dipping a wooden stick into boiling maple syrup and using a smaller stick to scrape and enjoy the fast-freezing delicacy.

Finally, nothing can top the charming landscapes brought on by a Canadian spring. Take time to embrace the astonishing environmental wonders during this transitional period, where melting snow gives rise to cascading rivers and waterfalls. Spring is also Canada’s cherry blossom season and so marks the perfect time to visit parks and outdoor markets. Bask in the beauty that Canada’s nature has to offer this season.

It is clear that Canada has plenty of exciting opportunities for exploration. If we have piqued your interest, let it be furthered by this country’s welcoming policies. If you are merely interested in a temporary visit, you can procure a Canada visit visa. But if you see yourself as a more permanent fixture in this wonderful country, then it may be time to embark on your journey to Canadian permanent residency. Canada offers extensive PNP and Express Entry programs that offer all kinds of individuals from varied backgrounds the chance for a better life.

What more do you need to convince you to seize this glorious opportunity?

HOF Migration can be your helping hand throughout the process, from eligibility screenings to language training and documentation. So don’t waste a second, and let HOF Migration ‘make it happen’.




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