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September 20, 2021


Quality of Life

Australia has consistently maintained leading ranks among quality of life reports. It boasts a paradise for students wanting to study abroad, with advanced infrastructure, pioneering and world-class healthcare, accessible and convenient public transportation, all with a comparably low cost of living.

Apart from the country’s facilities, Student life is also nurtured with numerous incentivizing opportunities such as scholarships, work visas, and access to permanent residency after graduation.


High-Quality Education

Australia has established a higher education regulatory body known as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency. This organisation is responsible for consistent monitoring of the quality of higher education providers and how it compares with the standards developed by the Higher Education Standards Panel. Not only does this alone highlight the country’s dedication to student satisfaction, but Australia even has specific laws (ESOS) to protect the wellbeing of international students in particular.


The Great Outdoors

Australia is famous for its ever-stretching landscapes and diverse wildlife. Whether you’re a beach fiend, a hiker or an animal lover. Australia has got you covered. Rest assured that alongside your studies, there are plenty of avenues for recreational activities.


 Easy access to student visas

Australia caters to international students with their ‘subclass 500’ Student Visa. To obtain this, there are several requirements that must be met – like acceptance into a university as well as proof of financial means. Prospective students must also obtain health insurance that covers their stay.

(Note: What may seem like a tedious process is made laughably easy with HOF Migration – Let us take care of the ins and outs of becoming an Australian University Student).


Incredible work opportunities

 The post-educational opportunities Australia has to offer are abundant. Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) which would allow international students to continue their term after graduation to pursue work opportunities.


Consider Australia to be the catalyst in your academic journey – you will not be disappointed.


 How can HOF help?


Avoid all the intricacies of visa application and approval because we will handle it all! We can take care of the entire process from university admission to the moment you take your first step on Australian soil.





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