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Australia is one of the best places in the world to live & raise a family in, offering the best of both worlds; unlimited natural beauty & modern city living. With an easy climate, low crime rates & an overall happy population, Australia has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for migration.

HOF Migration SA is a leading immigration consultancy with over 10 years’ experience in Australian Migration. We understand how important it is for families to have stability, opportunities & safety, therefore, Australia is one of our main focal points when assisting families to choose the right location.

HOF Migration SA works directly with a registered MARA Agent for all Australian Migration cases.

We offer comprehensive visa & immigration services to Australia, see the list here:

Australian Skilled Migration

The Australian Skilled Migration Program has been designed to attract skilled migrants who can contribute directly to the Australian workforce & economy.

Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Australia, the Australian Government are looking to stimulate economic growth by offering Permanent Residency to foreign skilled workers.

Australian Skilled Migration is based on a points system & occupation requirements.

Candidates receive points based on the following qualifying criteria:

• Skills Occupation List

• Age

• Education

• Work Experience

• English Level

For more information on how to qualify for Australian Skilled Migration, Click below for a FREE assessment.



Study in Australia

An Australian Study Visa allows you to travel to Australia to attend school, tertiary or vocational education and/or training courses & allows you to undertake full time higher education courses at University or College. The institution must be recognized by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection as an eligible institution offering courses to international students.

For more information on how to qualify for Australian Study Visa, Click here for a FREE assessment.



Additional Australian Visas Services:

Australian Visit Visas:

Allows entry into Australia for tourism purposes.

Australian Spousal / Defacto Visas:

Allows married or defacto spouses to join their partner in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa:

Allows spouses to travel to Australia to marry Australian fiancé or prospective spouse.

Contributory Parent Migration Visa-143:

Permanent Residency for parents of Australian citizens or residents.

Child Migration:

Allows children of Australian citizens or residents to live in Australia with parents.

Subclass 482 Work Permit:

Allows skilled workers with job offers to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa:

Allows recently graduated Engineers to work in Australia for up to 18 months.

Working Holiday Visa:

Allows for applicants from select countries to work in Australia temporarily for up to 12 months.