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Canada is the second largest country in the world that boasts one of the longest shorelines globally, unlimited natural beauty and excellent geographic positioning. Canada prides itself in low crime rates, safety, economic security, and an overall happy population – This is why Canada is a firm favorite choice for holidaymakers and potential immigrants alike.

Immigrate to Canada

Canada has one of the most successful and advanced immigration systems. The low density of people in the country leaves much room for skilled workers and professionals to enter the workforce and fill the gaps in the working industry. Canada has implemented a straightforward immigration plan that helps build the economy & offers Permanent Residency to applicants who can contribute their skills to keep the economy growing.

Skilled Express Entry Program

The Canadian Express Entry Program is based on a points-system that leads to Permanent Residency. Points are calculated on a Comprehensive Ranking System based on the following factors: age, education, English level, work experience and adaptability. Applicants

The Express Entry Program follows a two-stage process which can take 8 – 14 months to complete.

Stage 1: Express Entry Pool

Stage 2: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The Express Entry Program leads to direct Permanent Residency in Canada. Contact us for an assessment today!

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Study in Canada

A Canadian Study Visa allows you to travel to Canada to attend school, tertiary or vocational education and/or training courses & allows you to undertake full time higher education courses at University or College. A Canadian Study Permit offers many benefits, such as a direct path to Permanent Residency, an open-work permit for an accompanying spouse and study permits for accompanying children (age dependant).

For more information on how to qualify for Canadian Study Visa, Click here for a FREE assessment.




Additional Canadian Visa Services:  

  • Canadian Visit Visa

Allows entry into Canada for tourism purposes.

  • Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

Allows Canadian spouses or common-law partners to sponsor foreign partner and dependant children for Canadian residency

  • Canadian Business Migration

Allows business minded people, entrepreneurs & start-up company owners access to Canadian residency that can lead to Permanent Residency.

  • Canadian Work Permit

Allows skilled workers with a formal offer of employment and LMIA to work in Canada on a temporary basis.

  • Parent & Grandparent Program

Allows Canadian citizens or residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents through the PGP.

  • Child Sponsorship

Allows Canadian citizens or residents to sponsor their children (age dependant) for Canadian Residency.

All Canadian Visa and Immigration applications will be overseen by our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).