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South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent, marked by several distinct ecosystems. Inland safari destination Kruger National Park is populated by big game. The Western Cape offers beaches, lush winelands around Stellenbosch and Paarl, craggy cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, forest and lagoons along the Garden Route, and the city of Cape Town, beneath flat-topped Table Mountain. 

Visit Visa:

For applicants that are interested in visiting the Republic of South Africa for tourism purposes, we assist with the Visit Visa process. If you are unsure whether you need a visa to enter South Africa, get in touch with us

Visit Visa Extension:

A Visit Visa Extension can be submitted once on an existing Visit Visa. The extension must be submitted within the 60-day window period to ensure the extension will be issued in time of the initial visa expiring.

Should you have less than 60 days to submit, get in touch with us immediately to assist with an urgent Visit Visa Extension.



Critical Skills Permit:

This permit is based on a list of skill shortages across the South African workforce. Should your occupation be listed, we would be able to assist you with a Critical Skills Permit even without a job offer. You will be granted entry into SA for a 12-month period to seek employment. Alternatively, with a job offer, a longer-term permit can be applied for.

Intra-Company Transfer:

This permit is issued when an individual is being transferred to a South African based branch of the same company they work for abroad. This permit applies to applicants working in sister-companies or companies with shared interest. This permit allows the employee to work within South Africa for a specified time & only for that specified employer.

Corporate Work Visa:

This Visa applies for Corporations that need to hire a certain amount of staff over a specific time-period. Corporate Work Visas have many benefits for the Organization as it reduces costs and accelerates the work visa application process as many of usual requirements for a work visa is not needed for this application process.

General Work Permit:

This permit requires a conditional offer of employment letter from a South African based employer. The employer must prove that they have endeavored to employ a South African national prior to offering employment to a foreign national.



Spousal Visa:

Spouses of South African citizens or residents are permitted to reside in South Africa based on their relationship status. A marriage certificate, proof of relationship & proof of financials are required for this permit to be issued to the applicant. Should the applicant wish to seek employment, study or conduct a business, an endorsement can be applied for. Once the applicant has been married for 5 years, a Permanent Residency Permit can be applied for.

Life Partner Visa:

Life Partner Visas are based on a domestic-partnership between a South African citizen or resident and a foreign national. This visa will only be issued to applicants that can offer proof of the relationship for a period of no less than 2 years, proof of co-habitation & proof of financials. Once the applicant has been on the Life Partner Visa for a period of 5 years, a Permanent Residency Permit can be applied for.



Over the years, South Africa has proven to be a popular retirement destination, with its many attractions and great value for money. South Africa welcome retirees offering a straight-forward Retirement Visa process.

The Retired Persons Visa is a temporary visa, valid for up to 4 years which can easily be renewed. Persons holding the Retired Persons Visa is not permitted to work in South Africa.

Financial Requirements:

The Retired Persons Visa focuses on applicants that can support themselves, therefore, it requires the applicant to have proof of income of R37,000 per month plus an additional R3000 income for additional applicants.

Should the applicant not have a monthly income, proof of financials will be accepted as a total of R37,000 x 48 months (R1,776,000).


The Financially Independent Permit is appropriate for applicant with a high net worth that seek Permanent Residency status in South Africa.

Financially Independent Permit holders may reside abroad but will need to enter South Africa every 3 years to retain their Permanent Residency status.

To be eligible for this permit, you must show proof of a net assets worth R12 million. There is no need for these funds to be invested in South Africa. There is a high government fee of R120,000 for this permit to be issued.

With this permit, you become a Permanent Resident of South Africa & will be allowed to live, work, study, open a business and much more.



A Business Visa is suitable for those seeking temporary or permanent residency status in South Africa and wanting to establish and run their own business, this includes start-ups, purchased companies or partnerships.


In addition to all normal eligibility criteria, applicants must be aware of the following:

  • There is a need of a capital equivalent or cash investment of R5 million into the business from funds based abroad.
  • At least 60% of your workforce must be South African citizens or permanent residents.
  • The need for a comprehensive business plan and company infrastructure.

A waiver of the R5 million investment can be made for businesses that full under certain business categories. Please get in touch with us for more information.



South Africa has some of the world’s most renowned educational institutions, making South Africa a popular choice among international students due to the great value for money that is offered.

Applicants will need to provide an official enrolment letter, show proof of financials and be registered with a South African Medical Aid Scheme to be eligible for this permit.

Study permits are issued for school going children as well as Tertiary Students.



The Corporate Visa is aimed at South African based companies that are unable to recruit personnel within South Africa due to lack of access to skilled professionals. This permit allows the company to present to Home Affairs & receive permission to recruit foreigners in bulk to fill the positions. This permit will only be valid for a limited time period.



This Permit is for anyone who has relatives in South Africa based on first or second kin relationships.

First Kin Relationship: Parent / Child / Husband / Wife

Second Kin Relationship: Brother / Sister

Applicants applying based on First Kinship can apply for Temporary or Permanent Residency.

Applicants applying based on Second Kinship can apply only for Temporary Residency.



Volunteer Visas are listed under extended Visitors Visa status & provides an opportunity for foreigners to come to South Africa for up to 36 months to volunteer in established and registered organizations.


You and your spouse qualify for a direct permanent residence permit if you have lived in South Africa on the basis of your work permit for a minimum period of five years. Dependents of South African citizens or permanent residence permit holders can also apply.

Residency on other grounds applies to foreigners who:

  • are in possession of a permanent work offer in South Africa
  • have exceptional skills and qualifications
  • intend to establish a business in South Africa
  • qualify as refugees in terms of Section 27(c) of the Refugees Act
  • qualify as retired persons
  • are financially independent or
  • are relatives (biologically or judicially adopted) of a South African citizen or permanent residence permit holder.



If stunning scenery, rich culture and a close up view of the big 5 are on your agenda then a trip to South Africa is a must.